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How to Choose a Good PG | Paying Guest | Paying Guest Accommodation

The number of PG | Paying Guest | Paying Guest Accommodation has been increasing in recent years.
In order to make sure that you simply don't have any issues living in a PG | Paying Guest | Paying Guest Accommodation, we are going to share some tips related to selecting a PG | Paying Guest Accommodation.

1. Make sure that there's a contract. Check all rules, what are expenses outside of monthly rent and what fees to pay, what are the shared facilities and as well as how they reply to any trouble. Of course, you have to follow the rules in the contract. If it's not written clearly, this might cause problems in the future. read the contract carefully, raise any queries, and make sure you're satisfied with their answers.

2. It is necessary that they're ready to respond quickly. In the case of any problem related to a water leak or power outage, you'll have to contact the management, and if they do not respond how long it'll take to get fixed.observe their initial responses to you. Also, since different PGs may have different rules, make sure this is explained to you when you visit.